Which High Street Retailers Have the Best Swimwear?

Swimming is a great exercise.

It helps in freshening the body as well as the mind. However, it is important that you wear the appropriate attire when swimming. If not then you won’t be able to enjoy it as much. Swimwear is available in a number of different types. It all depends on the kind of swimming activity you are doing. For instance, if you want to swim around in a pool for exercising purposes then it is best for you to go for a body length swimsuit. On the other hand, if you plan on just waddling in the pool for a while on a hot summer day then wearing a bikini is enough. 

Types of Swimwear 

There are all kinds of swimwear available in shops all over the world. All of these are ideal for spending a day on the beach. The following are three types of swimwear that are most popular among women. 



Swimsuits are specially designed suits for swimming. They come in a single piece and usually cover the length of the body. Swimsuits come in various shapes, sizes and colors. You can have them custom made for yourself as well. A swimsuit can either be lose-fitted or skin-tight depending on the choice of the wearer. Many brands of swimsuits are available in the market that can be purchased for affordable prices.  



The bikini is a popular type of swimwear. It is a two-piece swimsuit which consists of a top called a bra and a bottom called the underwear. It is not ideal for swimming but is usually worn at the beach or for casual bathing in the pool. Similar to the swimsuits, bikinis come in various styles, sizes and colors too. Popular styles of bikinis include Brazilian, Bandeau, Triangle and Convertible. 



Beachwear is a broader category of swimwear. It involves all types of bathing suits, dresses and accessories that can be worn on a beach. Beachwear usually includes any type of dress that is loose and made using a breathable material. Sun dresses, hats and beach bags are some of the accessories that come under the umbrella of beachwear. This type of swimwear comes in various colors, shapes and styles too.

Where to Find the Best Swimwear

Swimwear can be bought from a number of shops and malls in the UK. There are various brands of swimwear on offer that continue to add new styles of swimsuits, bikinis and beachwear to their collection. You can purchase them online too. Visit ukswimwear.com to find the best swimwear collection on the internet. The following are some of the best high street retailers that have the best swimwear to offer you. 

• Prism

Prism is the best store for bikini shopping in London. It is the flagship store of the Prism brand and offers some of the company’s top swimwear collection. The impressive thing about the store is that it not only offers high quality swimwear but also provides top notch customer service too. The changing rooms here are well-lit and give you the chance to try the bikinis in total privacy. 

• Monki

Another excellent high street retailer for swimwear in the UK is Monki. The store has been refurbished lately and sports a cool disco atmosphere. There is music on offer and soft lighting which add to the shopping experience of this store. The thing that makes this shop ideal for bikini shopping though is the amazingly low rates it offers. You can purchase trendy bikini styles for a bargain price here.  

• Heidi Klein

Heidi Klein is one of the best swimwear stores you will find anywhere in the world. It offers the best shopping atmosphere to the shoppers which will instantly put you in the mood. The store has the look and feel of a resort and offers a wide range of swimwear collection. The lighting in the changing rooms is soft and easy on the eyes, which makes trying bikinis on a fun exercise.  

• Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer is a good place to shop for swimwear too. It has a nice collection of bikinis, swimsuits and beachwear to offer you. The changing rooms here are good but the customer service leaves a lot be desired. You will have to choose your swimwear yourself as no help will be offered to you. 

• Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret is known for its amazing collection of lingerie but their store in London is a great place for buying swimwear too. It offers a great collection of bikinis and swimsuits. The great thing about this shop is that it offers plenty of help when it comes to choosing the right size of swimwear for your body type. 


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