Photographing Fashion British High Street Brands

Fashion is one of the elements that London takes great pride in. Many people look at the fashion trends that London shows the world. Most will follow the trends that they see from London.

It is a must to have a great photographer for all your fashion needs. One of the best in the business is Prodoto. Not only will they provide you with the best photography, they are the number one photographing company in the UK. London fashion trends aren't just followed by citizens of the UK but from citizens all over the world.

Why should you choose Prodoto?

Prodoto has done the best photography for high street brands and have also been the best for high tech photography. Non of Prodoto's pictures are released without being checked for quality. Only the best quality is released.

It has the best modeling services and back drops that the fashion industry has to offer. No matter what you need, they can help you. Whether it is modeled fashion shoots, studio models or if you need models for creative shots or at a specific location. Prodoto works with the best modeling agencies in the UK and they have the best make-up artists on their payroll. You can get a lot more info by searching the web.

What about Norwich Fashion Week?

Norwich fashion week for 2015 will take place from the 5th of March and will continue until the 12th of March. The 2014 Norwich Fashion Week was out of this world and was nothing like the fashion weeks held in the past. The whole purpose of Norwich Fashion Week is to not only show that they have the best shopping destinations that the fashion world has to offer but they have an over flow of creativity and a wide range of diversity. Norwich Fashion Week is one of the most exciting weeks for any fashion lover. Whether they are just admiring the latest trends or if they are shopping for potential garments for their store or boutique, Norwich Fashion Week will not disappoint. Even though Norwich Fashion Week is only for a week annually there are other fashion events that occur throughout the year.

Are Modeling Myths True?

There are so many modelling myths that circulate in the fashion world. Not all modeling myths are true and many of them are just myths. Outsiders usually look at the modeling world and assume that it is the best job in the world and that models don't eat. Here are some of the top myths that outsiders believe to be true but aren't.

 1.     Models Never Eat - many models are naturally slim and were gifted with great genes but others keep their figures by following strict diets that are similar to the diets of athletes. Some models are athletic and take part in marathons.

2.     Models Are Dumb - this stereotype that models are dumb is mostly because that is how media portrays them to be. Some models do modeling part time and are actually doctors or have a "smart" job.

3.     Models have glamorous lives and get to travel for free - even though models get to travel to some of the most beautiful destinations in the world and it is paid for doesn't mean they get to relax or even do anything that a tourist would. For many models once they arrive at their destination they need to immediately start working. The only time they stop is when they eat and when they fly back home. The only sight seeing they get to do is through the cab window.

4.     Models are rich - models aren't paid monthly and it could take months for them to get their payment for jobs they have done. Just because you see their faces in magazines doesn't mean they get paid well because most magazines don't pay. Modeling can potentially have great payment rewards but not always.

5.     You get stunning clothes - no model ever gets to keep the clothes they modeled in. This is probably one of the biggest modeling myths out there. Once in a while a model may be offered clothing as payment but they don't always get the clothes anyway.

6.     Models have confidence - models may look like they overflow with confidence but in the end it is their job to look that way. In reality most models are scared out of their wits.

7.     Modeling is a glamorous lifestyle - modeling isn't as glamorous as it looks. The most glamorous part is the clothes you wear and your photo after all the work has been done.


Ultimately don't always judge a book by its cover!  


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