Finding the right wedding band in London

Choosing wisely

Weddings are full of gifts and gimmicks, both towards the bride and groom but especially the bride. One of the most important gifts are the rings themselves, first the engagement ring and then the wedding band. And it is the task of the groom to choose both, which is dreaded sometimes as one of the biggest challenges the man has to face when he picks his wedding partner. With some exceptions, jewellry and girl's accessories aren't a lad's thing, so it is understandable that they feel a little lost, wandering from store to store and e-shopping with little to no idea on what to do with the thing. So here is some valuable advice for those men in need. 

Choosing the right wedding band, just as with the engagement ring, doesn't have to be an overwhelming challenge. You just need to bear in mind a couple tips, trust her love, and mostly, really know her. If you do, you will be aware of what she likes the most and what she expects from you - so you can meet her expectations and, who knows, even surpass them. Picking a wedding band that will do for her can even be a little fun or exciting, if you look for the right one as if you were playing a game, and imagine the smile on her face when she sees it on her finger. Mostly because now she's bound to you, the one she loves, but everything adds up, right?

How to choose her ring

Wedding bands often come in pairs with the engagement ring, in what is called a bridal set. Purchasing the bridal set as a whole is a sign of confidence, because you assume she will say yes, but if you take that bold move, you will have a fantastic set of jewellry for her. The two ring will fit perfectly on her finger when she marries you and they will look great from any angle. This should solve the question about what kind of wedding band to buy, because the style will simply have to match the engagement ring.

However, in most cases you will buy a wedding band and the engagement ring in different occasions. Unlike engagement rings, which need to be more convincing and out there, the wedding band is often less expensive, less complex, and more suitable for everyday use. Just as you want your union to last, you should pick a lasting material, like good solid metal or perhaps a few precious stones to make it more appealing, but the wedding band should always be discrete when compared with the engagement ring.

Think about what she likes, because unlike the engagement ring, this is a long term jewell that she might wear on her finger for years. Since this is no longer a surprise for her, you can ask her about what she likes and bear it in your mind. Materials, style and design are important and will help you choose the wedding band that will do for her.

Where to buy her wedding band in London

London is a huge city, with plenty of jewellry stores of all kinds and quality levels. If you want to buy your bride-to-be a ring, you should shop around a bit instead of walking inside the first jewellry store you see and buying something there. You should see options, so you have more designs to pick, more styles to choose from, and a wider range of prices. However, shopping around means traveling a lot, taking a lot of time, getting tired, and often not finishing the first day. We have busy lives so you would certainly like to make it quick and efficient, but how to do that and still make sure you find a beautiful piece for her, forged by a skilled silversmith with the perfect material and shape?

If you want all of this but not to invest hours of your life walking or driving around seeing options, sometimes dissappointed by the poor quality of that you see, then Hatton Garden is the solution for you. This street in London is widely famous for being home of plenty of jewellry stores and silversmiths that offer their products to you. All of them are reputed and have great quality pieces, so you can just spend an afternoon there, going from store to store in a matter of moments and ask all the questions you want. You will definitively find the perfect piece for her and she will be happy. 


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