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Would you believe it if you were told that it is very possible to master the art of styling your outfits to perfectly match your accessories? It is no secret that fashion enthusiasts are taking the world by storm today. Even the savvy business world is now full of fashion conscious alphas who understand the role of accessories in their overall ensemble. Well, with a few tips, even the most seemingly hopeless cases can be super stylish. To get us off this train, here are a few jewelry styling tricks.

Jewelry Styling Tips and Tricks

There are a few things you need to keep in mind to ensure that you style is right every time. Here are a few considerations.

Does The Piece Add Value To Your Ensemble?

When wearing jewelry, ask yourself, how does it complement your ensemble? Be careful not to over accessorize or under accessorize. Just because a piece of jewelry is pretty doesn’t mean it will add value to your outfit. 

Choose Pieces That Are Proportional To Your Facial Features and Body Frame

Jewelry has successfully been used to control attention. The aim is to keep the attention to you with the help of carefully selected pieces. Don’t use jewelry that overwhelms your face or are too big for your body frame. When it comes to style, minimal is elegant. To get you started, check out the elegant selection from Hatton Gardens.

The Jewelry Should Complement Your Skin Tone

Selecting a piece of gemstone jewelry is not only about your outfit; it is should enhance you too. Get gemstones and metal settings that make your skin brighten up. With the wide range of colors available today, it is pretty easy to find the perfect selection that works for your skin tone. If you are not sure which colors work best for you, you can simply take the color test before you go out shopping.

Does Your Gemstone Fit The Occasion?

The rules today have considerably changed to include a more relaxed approach to picking out the right jewelry for an occasion. For example, today, it is generally acceptable to wear baubles in the day. However, there are still some rules that apply today. For example, a simple, crystal neckpiece is perfect for a day of meetings, but works against you when making a closing statement in a case. The shimmer of the crystal is likely to distract, thereby taking away attention from your words. You can play around with choices such as floral tones, bright gemstones and the like to create your own signature style both in the workplace and out. The White Company collection will give you some offers to get you on the right path trendy fashion.

Are Your Gemstones Versatile?

One of the main reasons why gemstones, and jewelry in general, are used is to add some interest to an already good ensemble. Now, when making a purchase, think about your wardrobe. The point is to purchase a piece that complements several outfits. In most cases, the matchy-matchy pieces look outdated and take away attention from you to the pieces. Matching everything; earrings, necklace, ring, brooch, bracelet and the like, only act as a visual distraction. If you have to wear jewelry, make sure that it is adding some excitement to your outfit without being overwhelming. Simple is always elegant, as Ashley Clarke collection proves.

Quick Tips for Picking out The Perfect Gemstones

Most gemstones have rich legends and myths attached to them. Most cultures throughout history had folklores regarding the gemstones and crystals. This is probably where the ideas of healing gemstones came from.

You can choose a gemstone depending on your birth month, its color or desired properties. However, a more practical guide to choosing the perfect gemstones for your jewelry should include the following considerations.



This is gauged solely by the hardness of the gemstone. The harder a gemstone is the more durable it will be. Additionally, look at the gems fracture, cleavage, sensitivity and tenacity to determine its durability.



We cannot overlook your budget as gemstones can be extremely expensive, especially if they are natural. Get the best that your budget allows. Treated and enhanced gemstones give a wider selection when on a budget.




Choose a gem that can go with many occasions, outfits and can work with many styles and fashion trends. When it comes to colored gemstones, choose varieties that work with your skin tone and our wardrobe, especially if you plan on wearing them often.



Some colored gems can be quite rare, and you may not get it in the exact color, shape and size that you want it to be. If you are looking for unique gems, you can always go online and you are sure to get a variety.

Keep In Mind

Gemstones can make or break your outfit, so keep it simple and elegant. Therefore, be sure to do your research well before making your purchases. Remember that you are making a hefty investment. You might as well buy the best your budget can allow.


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